Polish Academy of Sciences Branch in Lublin

The Lublin Branch of PAN was established on 23rd May 1997 by Resolution 1/97 of The General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In accordance with the Resolution, the Lublin Branch began to operate on 1st January 1998.

The Branch in Lublin works on the basis of the Statute of the Polish Academy of Sciences Branch in Lublin, passed on 4th May 1998 by the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

In accordance with the Statute the Lublin Branch:

  • helps to integrate the academic life of the region
  • supports and conducts research of considerable importance for the national economy and culture, with special consideration given to its region, and it participates in the publication of findings.
The Branch operates in Lublin and Podlasie Voivodeships (former Lublin, Zamość, Chełm, Biała Podlaska and Białystok Voivodships).

The Lublin Branch is the only PAN branch situated on the right bank of the Vistula river. That is why it considers co-operation with neighbouring countries' scientific centres to be especially important. E.g. the Branch signed an agreement of scientific co-operation with the Western Centre of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Lwów. The Lublin Branch also aims to build closer relations with the scientific circles of Belarus and Lithuania.

At present, the Branch has 11 members. The Presidium consists of 2 people:

President: prof. Tomasz Trojanowski, Full Member of PAN;

Vice-President PAS: prof. Stanisław J. Czuczwar, Corresp. Member of PAN;

There are 18 Scientific Commissions operating at PAN Branch in Lublin, comprising over 700 members. These are (in the order of establishing):

The Lublin Branch issues an Information Bulletin. Information on other Branch publications is available here.

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