Publications of the Polish Academy of Sciences Branch in Lublin

The Lublin Branch issues an Information Bulletin. It is available online, but only in the Polish version of the website.Biuletyn 10







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full article - plik PDF


  1. The reviewers prepare the review by following the guidelines and completing the review form formularz recenzji (full article) - plik PDF

  2. The reviewing is conducted according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education presented in the study entitled Reviewing Procedures in Science - Good Practices(full article) - plik PDF

  3. The articles are sent to two independent reviewers who do not know the identity of the author (authors) of the reviewed publication. They also do not know who the other reviewer is ("double-blind review process"). When choosing reviewers, the editorial board considers their content-related competences as well as potential conflicts of interests.
  4. The review is done in writing and it should be completed with a definite conclusion whether to publish a given article or not. Only those articles that receive two positive reviews are published.
  5. The reviewers are obliged to reveal all circumstances that may question the reliability of scientific research.


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